Oracle (Single Instance, sem Grid) – Passo a Passo para aplicação do Patch 26710464 – Database Release Update

Antes de aplicar o Patch, atualize o OPatch.
Antes de aplicar o Patch, execute SHUTDOWN em todas as instâncias e LISTENERs que utilizam o ORACLE_HOME que receberá o Patch.

[oracle@nerv01 ~]$ unzip -q
[oracle@nerv01 ~]$ rm -rf $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch
[oracle@nerv01 ~]$ mv OPatch/ $ORACLE_HOME
[oracle@nerv01 ~]$ unzip -q
[oracle@nerv01 ~]$ cd 26710464
[oracle@nerv01 26710464]$ $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch apply
Oracle Interim Patch Installer version
Copyright (c) 2017, Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved.

Oracle Home       : /u01/app/oracle/product/
Central Inventory : /u01/app/oraInventory
   from           : /u01/app/oracle/product/
OPatch version    :
OUI version       :
Log file location : /u01/app/oracle/product/

Verifying environment and performing prerequisite checks...
OPatch continues with these patches:   26710464

Do you want to proceed? [y|n]
User Responded with: Y
All checks passed.

Please shutdown Oracle instances running out of this ORACLE_HOME on the local system.
(Oracle Home = '/u01/app/oracle/product/')

Is the local system ready for patching? [y|n]
User Responded with: Y
Backing up files...
Applying interim patch '26710464' to OH '/u01/app/oracle/product/'
ApplySession: Optional component(s) [, ] , [ oracle.ons.daemon, ]  not present in the Oracle Home or a higher version is found.

Patching component oracle.rdbms.deconfig,

Patching component oracle.tfa,

Patching component oracle.rdbms,

Patching component oracle.rdbms.util,

Patching component oracle.rdbms.dbscripts,

Patching component oracle.has.deconfig,

Patching component,

Patching component oracle.xdk.rsf,

Patching component oracle.ctx.rsf,

Patching component oracle.rdbms.rman,

Patching component oracle.rdbms.oci,

Patching component,

Patching component oracle.oracore.rsf,

Patching component oracle.ctx,

Patching component oracle.xdk,

Patching component oracle.nlsrtl.rsf,

Patching component oracle.rdbms.rsf,

Patching component oracle.ons,

Patching component oracle.rdbms.lbac,

Patching component oracle.rdbms.rsf.ic,

Patching component oracle.sdo,

Patching component oracle.precomp.common,

Patching component oracle.precomp.lang,
Patch 26710464 successfully applied.
Sub-set patch [25983138] has become inactive due to the application of a super-set patch [26710464].
Please refer to Doc ID 2161861.1 for any possible further required actions.
Log file location: /u01/app/oracle/product/

OPatch succeeded.
[oracle@nerv01 26710464]$ lsnrctl start

LSNRCTL for Linux: Version - Production on 23-OCT-2017 16:00:09

Copyright (c) 1991, 2016, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Starting /u01/app/oracle/product/ please wait...

TNSLSNR for Linux: Version - Production
System parameter file is /u01/app/oracle/product/
Log messages written to /u01/app/oracle/diag/tnslsnr/nerv01/listener/alert/log.xml
Listening on: (DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=nerv01.localdomain)(PORT=1521)))

Connecting to (DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=nerv01.localdomain)(PORT=1521)))
Alias                     LISTENER
Version                   TNSLSNR for Linux: Version - Production
Start Date                23-OCT-2017 16:00:12
Uptime                    0 days 0 hr. 0 min. 3 sec
Trace Level               off
Security                  ON: Local OS Authentication
SNMP                      OFF
Listener Parameter File   /u01/app/oracle/product/
Listener Log File         /u01/app/oracle/diag/tnslsnr/nerv01/listener/alert/log.xml
Listening Endpoints Summary...
The listener supports no services
The command completed successfully
[oracle@nerv01 26710464]$ rlwrap sqlplus / AS SYSDBA

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Mon Oct 23 16:00:15 2017

Copyright (c) 1982, 2016, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Connected to an idle instance.

ORACLE instance started.

Total System Global Area 2147483648 bytes
Fixed Size                  8794848 bytes
Variable Size             603983136 bytes
Database Buffers         1526726656 bytes
Redo Buffers                7979008 bytes
Database mounted.
Database opened.

Pluggable database altered.

Elapsed: 00:00:01.36
16:01:52 SYS@ORCL> EXIT;
Disconnected from Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
[oracle@nerv01 26710464]$ cd $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch
[oracle@nerv01 OPatch]$ ./datapatch -verbose
SQL Patching tool version Production on Mon Oct 23 16:02:19 2017
Copyright (c) 2012, 2017, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Log file for this invocation: /u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/sqlpatch/sqlpatch_5643_2017_10_23_16_02_19/sqlpatch_invocation.log

Connecting to database...OK
Note:  Datapatch will only apply or rollback SQL fixes for PDBs
       that are in an open state, no patches will be applied to closed PDBs.
       Please refer to Note: Datapatch: Database 12c Post Patch SQL Automation
       (Doc ID 1585822.1)
Bootstrapping registry and package to current versions...done
Determining current state...done

Current state of SQL patches:
Bundle series DBBP:
  Not installed in the binary registry and ID 170620 in PDB CDB$ROOT, ID 170620 in PDB PDB$SEED, ID 170620 in PDB PROD
Bundle series DBRU:
  ID 171017 in the binary registry and not installed in any PDB

Adding patches to installation queue and performing prereq checks...
Installation queue:
  For the following PDBs: CDB$ROOT PDB$SEED PROD
    The following patches will be rolled back:
    The following patches will be applied:

Installing patches...
Patch installation complete.  Total patches installed: 6

Validating logfiles...
Patch 25983138 rollback (pdb CDB$ROOT): SUCCESS
  logfile: /u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/sqlpatch/25983138/21358214/25983138_rollback_ORCL_CDBROOT_2017Oct23_16_03_42.log (no errors)
Patch 26710464 apply (pdb CDB$ROOT): SUCCESS
  logfile: /u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/sqlpatch/26710464/21632407/26710464_apply_ORCL_CDBROOT_2017Oct23_16_03_43.log (no errors)
Patch 25983138 rollback (pdb PDB$SEED): SUCCESS
  logfile: /u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/sqlpatch/25983138/21358214/25983138_rollback_ORCL_PDBSEED_2017Oct23_16_08_17.log (no errors)
Patch 26710464 apply (pdb PDB$SEED): SUCCESS
  logfile: /u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/sqlpatch/26710464/21632407/26710464_apply_ORCL_PDBSEED_2017Oct23_16_08_24.log (no errors)
Patch 25983138 rollback (pdb PROD): SUCCESS
  logfile: /u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/sqlpatch/25983138/21358214/25983138_rollback_ORCL_PROD_2017Oct23_16_08_17.log (no errors)
Patch 26710464 apply (pdb PROD): SUCCESS
  logfile: /u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/sqlpatch/26710464/21632407/26710464_apply_ORCL_PROD_2017Oct23_16_08_21.log (no errors)
SQL Patching tool complete on Mon Oct 23 16:12:20 2017
[oracle@nerv01 OPatch]$

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