Otimizações exclusivas do Solaris para o Oracle Database

Alteração Online da SGA
Reduced downtime
OSM allows dynamic resizing of the Oracle Database system global area (SGA)* without having to reserve memory and reboot the Oracle Database, unlike other operating systems such as IBM AIX or Red Hat Linux.

Criptografia do Banco transferida direto para o Hardware
Enabling Software in Silicon
Oracle Solaris cryptographic framework transparently utilizes the SPARC cryptographic accelerators, producing extremely high-performance encryption with no application code changes or additional configurations.

Aceleração de Locks em RAC
Oracle RAC Kernel Mode Acceleration
The new Oracle RAC Kernel Mode Acceleration in Oracle Solaris 11.1 filters database block requests destined for the Oracle RAC Lock Manager Service (LMS) ** processes.
It directly grants requests for any blocks with uncontended locks, which eliminates the need for LMS itself to do any processing of these requests.

O SPARC Super Cluster roda Solaris
Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 is Oracle’s most powerful Oracle database and application consolidation platform.

E claro, o Record mundial de velocidade do TPC-C continua em Solaris, com 8,552,523 TPM (Transações Por Minuto). O segundo colocado (Oracle Database em Oracle Linux) atinge 5,055,888 TPM.

Fonte: http://www.oracle.com/us/products/servers-storage/solaris/solaris-oracle-stack-optimizations-1871633.pdf

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